In 2008’(HEISEI 20 period), one of student who was studying of KURA (Traditional Warehose, storage in which is made by specialized plaster GODOWN) and landscape planning in the local university, and was thinking that how Yamagata city is revitalized.Also she thought how Japanese traditional DOZO (kura ;specialized plastered buildings could be remain and convey to posterity.From that reason, her study project had started and named;KURA PROJECT.KURA OBIHACH was selected as first trial renovation style and was organized by project team and city volantary staff and people. Kura was then bounced back.The student’s enthusiasm was taken over by the owner, and it is continually as live event space and café bar to the local residents and has been patronaged.Please feel to the real historical traditional Japan in KURA and enjoy with our meals drink and nice music live,events.